Bodegas Jorn Nou

  • Owner : Bodegas Jorn Nou
  • Location : Terra Alta
  • AOC: Terra Alta
  • Grapes varieties : grenache blanc, tinta peluda, petite syrah
  • Terroir : mediterranean climate, chalky, limestone, panal
  • Work philosophy : traditional
  • One wine : Spain, Bodegas Jorn Nou Petit Blanc, Terra Alta, Blanc, 2020

The Story

Bodegas Jorn Nou is a small winery in the Terra Alta D. O., a wine-growing region located to the southwest of Catalonia - 200 km south of Barcelona - which embodies a thousand years of history and Mediterranean tradition. Here we produce fine wines, distinguished both by their "body and soul" and by the unique qualities of our traditional varieties of grapes. We have a Mediterranean climate which is dry and characterized by a scarce pluviometry, between 350 and 450 mm a year, abundant isolation and two types of winds: Cerç which comes from the interior and Garbí which a wind from the sea. Our Terroir is an area has a wonderful landscape typical for the Mediterranean. Its soil has varied textures with good drainage. It is a chalky and limey soil poor in organic matter. The most notable soil is the panal (fossil dune of quaternary origin). Our vineyards are situated between 350 and 550 meters above sea level in the Plain, the High Plain and the Valleys.

The Wine Selection