Pago Casa Gran

  • Owner :Pago Casa Gran Family
  • Location : Les Aclusses, Valencia, Spain
  • AOC : Valencia
  • Grape variety : Garnacha tintorera, Monastrell, Malvasia, Syrah, Merlot, Cabernet sauvignon, Petit verdot and Gewüztraminer
  • Terroir: Different type of sils, sandy soil, white clay and sandy soil mixed with clay.
  • Work Philosophy : organic viticulture
  • One wine : Falcata Arenal, red, Valencia

The Story

The wine history of the estate is enshrined in centuries. Wine remnants dating back to the 4th century B.C. have been found just a short distance from the winery, in the ruins of an Iberian town located atop the mountain that borders our estate. Casa Benasal, the 300 year old winery located on the estate, has a well preserved ancient wine cellar. The family has been growing grapes for centuries now. Manuela Galbis, the founder’s mother, reinitiated wine production at Pago Casa Gran during the 1960’s. It is not until 2006 when the new generation of the family restarted the project and converted the estate into of the biodiversity leaders. A new and modern winery was designed to help the estate in this new path

The Wine Selection