Xavier Frissant

  • Owner : family Frissant
  • Location : Mosnes
  • AOC : Touraine, Touraine Amboise, Val de Loire
  • Grapes varieties : Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Franc, Cot
  • Terroir : clay, limestone, silica, sand
  • Work philosophy : organic viticulture
  • One wine : La Griffe d'Isa

The Story

Xavier Frissant is a family winery, passed on 8 generations, composed of 15 hectares located on the slopes south of the Loire River, in the village of Mosnes. The vineyard expands on 5 differents hamlets and 2 different terroirs, and on 3 appellations : it has been organic since 2021. Maintaing healthy soils is the watchword in this estate !

The Wine Selection